Robert Bishop

Robert Bishop – IMDb


Larry Moss Studio; Santa Monica, CA – Scene Study/Cold Reading

Reality Bites; Sydney, Australia – Scene Study/On-Camera

Actors Centre; Sydney, Australia – Improvisation

RE:ACTOR; Sydney, Australia – Scene Study/On-Camera

Lee Strasberg School of Acting; London, UK – Scene Study


Rich Flu. Supporting, dir. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia.

The Edge of the World . Supporting, dir. Shaun Jefford

The Creaking Machinery . Co-Lead, dir. David Smart


Muertos S.L. Supporting. Movistar.

The Bold and the Beautiful (#5026). Co-Star, CBS .                     

Go Big. Supporting, australian TV.

The Mystery of Natalie Wood. Supporting, ABC.


One of Those Days . Co-Lead, dir. Falk Werner.

Sweet As. Featured, dir. Brent Armfield.

The Unexplained Files. Featured, dir. Rob Queree.

Fine Wine. Co-Lead, independent.

The Rip-Off. Supporting, independent.

Above and Beyond. Lead, independent.

Nemesis. Co-Lead, independent.

Best Seller. Lead, independent.

The Innocent Man. Supporting, independent.

Home Delivery. Supporting, independent.


IDIOMA:  Natural American (Midwest) accent + most regional US accents

OTRAS LENGUAS:  Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and French